Install the license


Users are not authorized to run MCR without a valid license. For more information, refer to Mirantis Agreements and Terms.

For MCR to recognize your license, you must apply your customer license file at runtime.

To make MCR aware of your license and entitlement, perform the following for each node that will host MCR:

  1. Download the license file.

    If you purchased a license from the Mirantis Store, the license file is available through a link in your confirmation email. Otherwise, contact Mirantis Sales and Support to gain access to the file.

  2. Apply the license file.


    Applying the license

    Linux distributions

    1. Determine the location of the data root directory. This information is available in the daemon.json file associated with MCR. Alternatively, you can specify the data root directory using the --data-root flag at MCR start up. Note that the default data-root directory is /var/lib/docker.

    2. Copy the license file to the data root directory and name it docker.lic. It is imperative that the license be readable by the account/user that runs the docker daemon.

    Windows servers

    Currently, you do not need to apply a license for Windows server systems, as Mirantis Container Runtime can be run using the installation script.

  3. Start MCR. If MCR is already running, restart it.


MKE, MSR, and Mirantis Container Cloud have implied MCR licenses.