Deprecation notes

Taking into account continuous reorganization and enhancement of Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR), certain components are deprecated and eventually removed from the product. Such deprecations for MCR 20.10.x include:

  • Deprecated support for the registry-cli plugin.

  • Deprecated support for the docker app plugin.

  • Deprecated support for encrypted TLS private keys.

  • Kubernetes stack support is deprecated.

  • In correlation with the End of Life date for MKE 3.2.x and MSR 2.7.x, Mirantis stopped maintaining the associated documentation set on 2021-07-21.

  • Initiating docker pull requests against non-compliant registries that do not support pull-by-digest is deprecated.

  • KernelMemory (docker run --kernel-memory) is deprecated.

  • The aufs storage driver is deprecated.

  • The --cluster-advertisea, --cluster-store, and --cluster-store-opt flags are deprecated from the dockerd CLI.

  • The legacy Dockerfile ENV name value syntax is deprecated. Use ENV name=value instead.

  • The distribution manifest v2 schema 1 is now disabled on push.

  • The MalformedHostHeaderOverride hack has been removed, causing CLI v1.12 and earlier to break.

  • The docker engine subcommands have been removed.

  • The top-level docker deploy command and .dab (“Docker Application Bundle”) file format have both been removed in favor of using docker stack deploy with compose files.

  • The docker search --automated and docker search --stars flags have been removed in favor of using their docker search --filter equivalents.

  • Use of reserved namespaces in engine labels is deprecated.