Run preconfigured jobs from web UI

Run preconfigured jobs from web UI

The Rundeck jobs and workflows are run automatically depending on configuration. Though, the DevOps Portal enables you to run the preconfigured Rundeck jobs and workflows using the web UI and track the progress of their execution.

To run a Rundeck job:

  1. Log in to the DevOps Portal.

  2. Navigate to the Runbooks dashboard.

  3. Select the project you are interested in.

  4. Navigate to the Jobs tab in the top navigation bar. The jobs page will display all jobs you are authorized to view.

  5. If the jobs were defined inside groups, they will appear as a listing grouped into a folder. To reveal a folder content, press the folder icon.

  6. Navigate to a required job, and clck on it. The job details page opens. This page contains the configuration parameters for this job as well as statistics, activity, and definition details for it.

  7. To run the job, click Run job now.

  8. Once you have started the job execution, follow the job’s output in the Execution follow page.