Create a QoS policy

Create a QoS policyΒΆ

After you enable the Neutron Quality of Service feature, configure a QoS policy to prioritize one type of traffic over the other. This section describes basic operations. For more information, see: OpenStack documentation.

To create a QoS policy:

  1. Log in to an OpenStack controller node.

  2. Create a QoS policy:

    neutron qos-policy-create bw-limiter
  3. Add a rule to the QoSpolicy:

    neutron qos-bandwidth-limit-rule-create bw-limiter --max-kbps 3000000
  4. Apply the QoS policy:

    • To a new network:

      neutron net-create <network-name> --qos-policy bw-limiter
    • To an existing network:

      neutron net-update test --qos-policy bw-limiter
    • To a new port:

      neutron port-create test --name sriov_port --binding:vnic_type direct
      --qos-policy bw-limiter
    • To an existing port:

      neutron port-update sriov_port --qos-policy bw-limiter