Enable Neutron Quality of Service

Enable Neutron Quality of ServiceΒΆ

By default, Neutron QoS is disabled. You can enable Neutron QoS before or after deploying an OpenStack environment.

To enable Neutron Quality of Service

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Open the cluster.<cluster-name>.openstack.init.yml file for editing.

  3. Set the neutron_qos_enabled parameter to True.

        neutron_enable_qos: True

    This turns on the QoS functionality. Depending on the deployment, the command uploads extensions for the openvswitch or/and sriovnicswitch agents.

  4. Re-run Salt configuration on the Salt Master node:

    salt -C 'I@neutron:server' state.sls neutron
    salt -C 'I@neutron:gateway' state.sls neutron
    salt -C 'I@neutron:compute' state.sls neutron
  5. Proceed to Create a QoS policy.