Before you proceed with the OpenStack upgrade, verify the following:

  • Upgrade of MCP is done to the latest build ID. Verify that you have updated DriveTrain including Aptly, Gerrit, Jenkins, Reclass, Salt formulas, and their subcomponents to the current MCP release version. Otherwise, the current MCP product documentation is not applicable to your MCP deployment.
  • All OpenStack formula states like (nova, neutron, etc) can be launched without errors.
  • Online dbsyncs for services are performed before the upgrade maintenance window since this task can take significant time based on a cloud size.
  • No failed OpenStack services or nodes are present in the cloud.
  • Utilization of the disk space is up to 80% on each target node, which include the ctl*, prx*, gtw*, and cmp* nodes.
  • There is enough disk space on the node that will store the backups for the MySQL databases and the existing cluster model.
  • For the MCP 2019.2.3 OpenStack environments, verify that the python-tornado package is installed from the latest OpenStack version or the OpenStack version to which you are going to upgrade. Restart the Salt minion after the package installation.

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