Plan the OpenStack upgrade

Plan the OpenStack upgradeΒΆ

As a result of the planning stage of the OpenStack upgrade, a detailed maintenance plan is created.

The maintenance plan must include the following parts:

  • A strict step-by-step upgrade procedure

  • A rollback plan

  • A maintenance window schedule for each upgrade phase


    The upgrade flow is thoroughly selected by engineers in correspondence with the workload and requirements of a particular cloud.

After the maintenance plan is successfully tested on a staging environment, you can proceed with the actual upgrade in production.


Manila deprecation notice

In the MCP 2019.2.7 update, the OpenStack Manila component is being considered for deprecation. The corresponding capabilities are still available, although not further enhanced.

Starting with the 2019.2.11 maintenance update, the OpenStack Manila component will no longer be supported by Mirantis. For those existing customers who have the Manila functionality explicitly included in the scope of their contracts, Mirantis will continue to fulfill the corresponding support obligations.