Ceph dashboards

Ceph dashboardsΒΆ

The Ceph dashboards provide a detailed view of the Ceph cluster, hosts, OSDs, RADOS Gateway instances, and pools.

Dashboard Description
Ceph Cluster Provides metrics related to the Ceph cluster, including the overall health status of the Ceph service cluster, capacity, latency, and recovery metrics.
Ceph Hosts Overview Provides an overview of the host-related metrics, such as the number of monitors, OSD hosts, average usage of resources across the cluster, network and hosts load.
Ceph OSD device details Provides metrics related to the Ceph OSD and physical device performance.
Ceph OSD Overview

Provides metrics related to Ceph OSDs, including the OSD read and write latencies and the distribution of PGs per OSD.


Starting from the MCP 2019.2.5 maintenance update, the Distribution of PGs per OSD panel displays the data in bars instead of lines.

Ceph Pools Overview Provides metrics for Ceph pools, including the client IOPS and throughput by pool and pools capacity usage.
Ceph RGW Instance Details Provides detailed graphs on the RADOS Gateway host.
Ceph RGW Overview Provides metrics related to the RADOS Gateway instances, including the latencies, requests, and bandwidth.
Ceph RBD Overview Available since 2019.2.10. TechPreview.

Provides metrics related to RADOS Block Device images, including the throughput, latencies, and IOPS.


Optional, disabled by default. Available as technical preview starting from the MCP 2019.2.10 maintenance update and requires Ceph Nautilus. For details, see Enable RBD monitoring.