Add a Ceph OSD daemon

Add a Ceph OSD daemonΒΆ

This section describes how to add new or re-add the existing Ceph OSD daemons on an existing Ceph OSD node.


This feature is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.13 maintenance update. Before using the feature, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.


The pipeline used in this section is a wrapper for Ceph - add node, which simplifies common operations.

To add a new or re-add the existing Ceph OSD daemon:

  1. If you are adding a new Ceph OSD daemon, perform the following prerequisite steps. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

    1. Open your Git project repository with the Reclass model on the cluster level.
    2. In cluster/ceph/osd.yml, add the new Ceph OSD daemon definition. Use the existing definition as a template.
  2. Log in to the Jenkins web UI.

  3. Select from the following options:

    • For MCP version 2019.2.13, open the Ceph - add osd (upmap) Jenkins pipeline job.
    • For MCP versions starting from 2019.2.14, open the Ceph - add osd Jenkins pipeline job.
  4. Specify the following parameters:

    Parameter Description and values
    SALT_MASTER_CREDENTIALS The Salt Master credentials to use for connection, defaults to salt.
    SALT_MASTER_URL The Salt Master node host URL with the salt-api port, defaults to the jenkins_salt_api_url parameter. For example,
    HOST The Salt target name of the host to which the Ceph OSD daemons are going to be added. For example, osd005*.
    CLUSTER_FLAGS A comma-separated list of flags to check after the pipeline execution.
  5. Click Deploy.

    The Ceph - add osd pipeline runs Ceph - add node with the following predefined values:

    • OSD_ONLY is set to True to omit enforcing the node configuration because a working node is already configured in the cluster.
    • USE_UPMAP is set to True to gradually add Ceph OSD daemons to the cluster and prevent consuming excessive I/O for rebalancing.