Remove a Ceph OSD daemon

Remove a Ceph OSD daemon


This feature is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.13 maintenance update. Before using the feature, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.


The pipeline used in this section is a wrapper for Ceph - remove node, which simplifies common operations.

This section describes how to remove a Ceph OSD daemon from the cluster without removing the entire Ceph OSD node.

To remove a Ceph OSD daemon:

  1. Log in to the Jenkins web UI.

  2. Open the Ceph - remove osd pipeline.

  3. Specify the following parameters:


    Description and values


    The Salt Master credentials to use for connection, defaults to salt.


    The Salt Master node host URL with the salt-api port, defaults to the jenkins_salt_api_url parameter. For example,


    The Salt target name of the host from which the Ceph OSD daemons are going to be removed. For example, osd005*.


    A comma-separated list of Ceph OSD daemons to remove while keeping the rest and the entire node as part of the cluster. Do not leave this parameter empty.


    Verify that this parameter is selected as it enables the Ceph health check within the pipeline.


    Select to clean orphaned disks of Ceph OSDs that are no longer part of the cluster.


    Deselect if the entire disk needs zero filling.

  4. Click Deploy.