Upgrade the OpenStack control plane

Upgrade the OpenStack control plane

The OpenStack control plane upgrade stage includes upgrading of the OpenStack services APIs. We recommend that you select the quickest upgrade depth that does not include running OS_UPGRADE or OS_DIST_UPGRADE to minimize the API downtime. You can perform both OS_UPGRADE and OS_DIST_UPGARDE during the post-upgrade stage if required.

To upgrade the OpenStack VCP:

  1. Log in to the Jenkins web UI.

  2. Run the Deploy - upgrade control VMs pipeline on the OpenStack controller nodes in the interactive mode setting the parameters as follows:

    • TARGET_SERVERS=’ctl*’
    • MODE=INTERACTIVE mode to get the detailed description of the pipeline flow through the stages
  3. Verify that the control plane is up and the OpenStack services from the data plane are reconnected and working correctly with the newly upgraded control plane.

  4. Run the Deploy - upgrade control VMs on the proxy nodes setting TARGET_SERVERS=’prx*’.

  5. Verify that the public API is accessible and Horizon is working.

  6. Perform the upgrade of other control plane nodes where required depending on your deployment.

  7. Verify that the control plane is upgraded to the intended OpenStack release, APIs work correctly and are available, and the services enable the users to manage their resources.


    The new features of the intended OpenStack release are not available till the data plane nodes are upgraded.

  8. Proceed to Upgrade the OpenStack data plane.