The control plane upgrade pipeline

The control plane upgrade pipeline

The Deploy - upgrade control VMs pipeline job is designed to upgrade the control plane component of OpenStack. The workflow of the job includes the following stages:

Deploy - upgrade control VMs pipeline job workflow
Stage Description

Only non destructive actions are applied during this phase. Basic API verification is performed.

The job is launched on all target servers before moving to the next stage. Online dbsyncs is called explicitly to verify whether the actual upgrade can be initiated.


Online database synchronization is required before the upgrade to a new release. Since dbsyncs can take a lot of time, the manual online synchronization before the upgrade is recommended.

Stop OpenStack services Stops all OpenStack Python services on the target servers. This does not affect the data plane services such as OVS or KVM.
Upgrade OpenStack Upgrades the OpenStack Python code on the target nodes sequentially. Once the stage is finalized on a specific target node, the basic API checks are performed. No workload downtime is expected.
Upgrade OS Launches only if OS_UPGRADE or OS_DIST_UPGRADE is checked. A reboot can be performed if required. When node is back online, the basic service checks are performed.