Prepare the cluster model

Prepare the cluster modelΒΆ

After you complete the prerequisite steps, prepare your cluster model for the update by configuring your Git project repository as described below.

To prepare the cluster model:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. In cluster/<name>/opencontrail/init.yml file, update the OpenContrail version. For example:

      linux_repo_contrail_component: oc41
      opencontrail_version: 4.1
  3. In cluster/<name>/openstack/dashboard.yml, update the OpenContrail version. For example:

      opencontrail_version: 4.1
  4. In cluster/<name>/openstack/init.yml, verify that the following parameters contain correct values:

      opencontrail_admin_password: <contrail_user_password>
      opencontrail_admin_user: 'contrail'
  5. If you update OpenContrail to version 4.1, in cluster/<name>/opencontrail/analytics.yml, add or change the following parameters:

      opencontrail_kafka_config_dir: '/etc/kafka'
      opencontrail_kafka_log_dir: '/var/log/kafka'
  6. Add the OpenContrail update pipeline job:

    1. Add the following class to cluster/cicd/control/leader.yml:

      - system.jenkins.client.job.deploy.update.update_opencontrail4
    2. Apply the jenkins.client state:

      salt -C 'I@jenkins:client' state.sls jenkins.client

Once done, proceed to Update the OpenContrail nodes.