Before you start updating the OpenContrail nodes of your MCP cluster, complete the following prerequisite steps:

  1. Configure the server and client backup roles for Cassandra and ZooKeeper as described in OpenContrail 4.x: Create a backup schedule for a Cassandra database and OpenContrail 4.x: Create a backup schedule for a ZooKeeper database.

  2. Verify that all OpenContrail services are up and running on all OpenContrail nodes. See Verify the OpenContrail status.


    If you update MCP from version 2019.2.3, the contrail-webui service may be in the inactive state due to the missing quotation mark in /etc/contrail/ To fix the issue, see: MCP 2019.2.3 maintenance updates.

  3. Verify that you have enough free disk space on the OpenContrail ntw* and nal* nodes since the update pipeline job will download a new version of Docker images. The required disk utilization must not exceed 80% on each target node.

Once done, proceed to Prepare the cluster model.