OpenContrail dashboards

OpenContrail dashboards

This section describes the dashboards that provide metrics for the OpenContrail services deployed on the platform.




Provides metrics about the Cassandra service, including the number of Cassandra endpoints, the number of native and thrift clients, information about the clients requests, the compaction engine rates, the storage metrics, as well as the heap memory and memory pool usage of the Cassandra JVM.

OpenContrail Controller

Displays the overall status of the OpenContrail APIs, the number of OpenContrail API sessions, the host status, and the number of BGP and vRouters Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) sessions that are in the up and down state.


For OpenContrail v3.2, the dashboard additionally includes the number of OpenContrail Discovery API servers.

OpenContrail vRouter

Displays the vRouter statistics, such as the state and total number of vRouters, service status, the number of vRouters Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and vRouters Link-Local Services (LLS) sessions, as well as the number of active and aged vRouter flows and vRouter errors.


For OpenContrail v4.x, the dashboard does not include the DNS-XMPP metrics.


Provides a detailed view of the ZooKeeper service, including the overall status of the cluster and the statistics metrics, such as the latency, packets, ephemerals, approximate data size, alive connections, and so on.