Support services dashboards

Support services dashboardsΒΆ

This section describes the dashboards for support services, such as RabbitMQ, HAProxy, MySQL, and so on.

Dashboard Description
Apache Displays the overall status of the Apache cluster and provides performance metrics for the Apache service, such as the number of requests, bytes transmitted, the number of connections, workers states, and current workers in the idle state.
Docker Provides the Docker cluster status, the status of Docker containers, metrics about Docker images, as well as the performance metrics of the Docker host, such as the number of threads, CPU, and disk I/O.
GlusterFS Provides the operational status of the GlusterFS cluster and service, as well as the usage reporting of the shared volumes.
HAProxy Provides the overall status of the HAProxy cluster and various metrics related to the front-end and back-end servers.
Jenkins Provides general information about the Jenkins service, including the number of online and total Jenkins nodes, the queue size, JVM free memory and uptime, as well as various metrics on executors, jobs, and resources usage.
Keepalived Provides metrics about the Keepalived service, such as the current status of the Keepalived instances, status for a specific period of time, process responsiveness, and the state of the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) of Keepalived.
Memcached Provides the overall status of the Memcached service, including the metrics on the Memcached servers, memory usage, operations and network metrics.
MySQL Provides detailed information about the MySQL cluster status and service usage, including the cluster size, the average size of the receive and send queries, network I/O, locks, threads, queries, and so on.
Nginx Provides metrics about the NGINX service, such as the overall status of the NGINX cluster and information about NGINX requests and connections.

Provides general information about the RabbitMQ cluster, including the host status, cluster statistics, and resources consumption.


Starting from the MCP 2019.2.3 maintenance update, the Cluster stats section displays the Queued messages and Message rates panels instead of Messages and Cluster stats.