Node configuration

Node configuration

For all Neutron OVS use cases, configure four VLANs and four IP addresses in separate networks on all compute and network nodes. You will also need two VLAN ranges for tenant traffic and external VLAN traffic.

The following table describes a node network configuration for a Neutron OVS-based MCP OpenStack cluster:

Neutron OVS node network configuration
Interface/Bridge Description Interfaces IP
eth0 PXE Boot traffic - Dynamic
br-mgm OpenStack and other management traffic bond0.<management_VLAN> Static
br-prv Tenant VLAN traffic bond0 Static
br-mesh Tenant overlay traffic (VXLAN) bond0.<tenant_VLAN> Static
br-floating External VLAN traffic bond0.<external_VLAN> (or VLAN range) No IP
br-stor Storage traffic bond0.<storage_VLAN> No IP
bond0 Main bond eth1, eth2 No IP

Depending on hardware capabilities, you can separate bonds for the control plane and data plane.

Depending on your use case, configure your network nodes to use the VLAN or VXLAN-based tenant network.