Network node configuration for VLAN tenant networks

Network node configuration for VLAN tenant networksΒΆ

In the VLAN-based tenant networks, the network node terminates private VLANs and sends traffic to the external provider of VLAN networks. Therefore, all tagged interfaces must be configured directly in Neutron OVS as internal ports without Linux bridges. Bond0 is added into br-floating, which is mapped as physnet1 into the Neutron provider networks. br-floating is patched with br-prv which is mapped as physnet2 for VLAN tenant network traffic. br-mgm is an OVS internal port with a tag and an IP address. br-prv is the Neutron OVS bridge which is connected to br-floating through the patch interface. As storage traffic handling on the network nodes is not required, all the sub-interfaces can be created in Neutron OVS which enables creation of VLAN providers through the Neutron API.

The following diagram displays the network node configuration for the use case with Neutron VLAN tenant networks and external access configured on the network node only.