• builder-next: Fix deadlock issues in corner cases.

  • builder-next: Allow modern sign hashes for ssh forwarding.

  • builder-next: Clear onbuild rules after triggering.

  • builder-next: Fix issue with directory permissions when usernamespaces is enabled.

  • Bump hcsshim to fix docker build failing on Windows 1903.


  • Shorten controller ID in exec-root to not hit UNIX_PATH_MAX.

  • Fix panic in drivers/overlay/encryption.go.

  • Fix hwaddr set race between us and udev.


  • Fix docker crash when creating namespaces with UID in /etc/subuid and /etc/ subgid

  • Fix rate limiting for logger, increase refill rate

  • seccomp: add 64-bit time_t syscalls

  • libnetwork: cleanup VFP during overlay network removal

  • Improve mitigation for CVE-2019-14271 for some nscd configuration.

  • overlay: remove modprobe execs.

  • selinux: display better error messages when setting file labels.

  • Speed up initial stats collection.

  • rootless: use certs.d from XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

  • Bump Golang 1.12.17.

  • Bump google.golang.org/grpc to v1.23.1.

  • Update containerd binary to v1.2.13.

  • Prevent showing stopped containers as running in an edge case.

  • Prevent potential lock.

  • Update to runc v1.0.0-rc10.

  • Fix possible runtime panic in Lgetxattr.

  • rootless: fix proxying UDP packets.


  • Bump Golang 1.12.17.

  • Bump google.golang.org/grpc to v1.23.1.