Ironic components

Ironic components

Ironic consists of two main components: ironic-api and ironic-conductor. Additionally, it requires several auxiliary services for ironic-conductor including TFTP and HTTP servers. To enable the Compute service users to provision their workloads on bare metal servers, the nova-compute service is configured to use the ironic virt-driver.

Ironic components
Component Description

Performs actual node provisioning.

Due to security and performance considerations, it is deployed on separate bmt* VMs on MCP KVM nodes along with its auxiliary services.

Due to security considerations, two pools of ironic-api services are deployed with different access policies:

  • The public pool processes requests from other services and users. It is deployed on ctl* nodes.

    REST API endpoints used by bare metal nodes are disabled for services in this pool.

  • The deploy pool processes requests from nodes during node provisioning or cleaning. It is deployed on bmt* nodes.

    The REST API endpoints enabled for services in this pool are those used by bare metal nodes during provisioning.

nova-compute Separate pool of nova-compute services with ironic virt-driver deploys on bmt* nodes.