OpenStack VCP extra services

OpenStack VCP extra services


Manila deprecation notice

In the MCP 2019.2.7 update, the OpenStack Manila component is being considered for deprecation. The corresponding capabilities are still available, although not further enhanced.

Starting with the 2019.2.11 maintenance update, the OpenStack Manila component will no longer be supported by Mirantis. For those existing customers who have the Manila functionality explicitly included in the scope of their contracts, Mirantis will continue to fulfill the corresponding support obligations.

The extra services provide additional capabilities supported by MCP, but not included in the reference architecture. See the supported versions of these components in Release Notes: Components Versions.

The following table summarizes the extra capabilities provided by MCP OpenStack platform as APIs, services that provide these APIs, the default and optional backends used by these services, where applicable.

OpenStack Extensions services
API type Capabilities provided Service Default backend Optional backends
Shared Storage Create, configure, and manage shared storage folders for tenant workloads Manila NFS N/A
Bare metal Provision bare-metal servers as virtual instances through OpenStack API Ironic [0] N/A N/A
[0]Starting from the 2019.2.6 maintenance update, Ironic is officially supported and integrated into MCP. Before the 2019.2.6 maintenance update, Ironic is available as technical preview and can be used for testing and evaluation purposes only.