Create a managed cluster

This section instructs you on how to configure and deploy a managed cluster that is based on the baremetal-based management cluster through the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI.

To create a managed cluster on bare metal:

  1. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI with the writer permissions.

  2. Switch to the required project using the Switch Project action icon located on top of the main left-side navigation panel.


    Do not create a new managed cluster for MOS in the default project (Kubernetes namespace). If no projects are defined, create a new mos project first.

  3. In the SSH keys tab, click Add SSH Key to upload the public SSH key that will be used for the SSH access to VMs.

  4. Available since 2.7.0 Optional. In the Proxies tab, enable proxy access to the managed cluster:

    1. Click Add Proxy.

    2. In the Add New Proxy wizard, fill out the form with the following parameters:

      Proxy configuration



      Proxy Name

      Name of the proxy server to use during a managed cluster creation.


      From the drop-down list, select the required region.

      HTTP Proxy

      Add the HTTP proxy server domain name in the following format:

      • - for anonymous access

      • - for restricted access

      HTTPS Proxy

      Add the HTTPS proxy server domain name in the same format as for HTTP Proxy.

      No Proxy

      Comma-separated list of IP addresses or domain names.

    For the list of Mirantis resources and IP addresses to be accessible from the Container Cloud clusters, see Reference Architecture: Requirements.

  5. In the Clusters tab, click Create Cluster.

  6. Configure the new cluster in the Create New Cluster wizard that opens:

    1. Define general and Kubernetes parameters:

      Create new cluster: General, Provider, and Kubernetes


      Parameter name


      General settings

      Cluster name

      The cluster name.


      Select Baremetal.


      From the drop-down list, select Baremetal.

      Release version

      Select a Container Cloud version with the OpenStack label tag. Otherwise, you will not be able to deploy MOS on this managed cluster.

      Proxy Available since 2.7.0

      Optional. From the drop-down list, select the proxy server name that you have previously created.

      SSH keys

      From the drop-down list, select the SSH key name that you have previously added for SSH access to the bare metal hosts.


      LB host IP

      The IP address of the load balancer endpoint that will be used to access the Kubernetes API of the new cluster. This IP address must be on the Combined/PXE network.

      LB address range

      The range of IP addresses that can be assigned to load balancers for Kubernetes Services by MetalLB.


      Services CIDR blocks

      The Kubernetes Services CIDR blocks. For example,

      Pods CIDR blocks

      The Kubernetes pods CIDR blocks. For example,

    2. Configure StackLight:

  7. Click Create.

  8. Optional. As of MOS 21.4, you can colocate the OpenStack control plane with the managed cluster Kubernetes manager nodes by adding the following field to the Cluster object spec:

          dedicatedControlPlane: false


    This feature is available as technical preview. Use such configuration for testing and evaluation purposes only.

  9. Once you have created a MOS managed cluster, some StackLight alerts may raise as false-positive until you deploy the Mirantis OpenStack environment.

  10. Proceed to Advanced networking configuration.