Tungsten Fabric known limitations

This section contains a summary of the Tungsten Fabric upstream features and use cases not supported in MOS, features and use cases offered as Technology Preview in the current product release if any, and known limitations of Tungsten Fabric in integration with other product components.

Tungsten Fabric known limitations

Feature or use case



Tungsten Fabric web UI

Provided as is

MOS provides the TF web UI as is and does not include this service in the support Service Level Agreement

Automatic generation of network port records in DNSaaS (Designate)

Not supported

As a workaround, you can use the Tungsten Fabric built-in DNS service that enables virtual machines to resolve each other names

Secret management (Barbican)

Not supported

It is not possible to use the certificates stored in Barbican to terminate HTTPs on a load balancer in a Tungsten Fabric deployment

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Neutron objects

Not supported

Advanced Tungsten Fabric features

Not supported

Tungsten Fabric does not support the following upstream advanced features:

  • Service Function Chaining

  • Production ready multi-site SDN

Technical Preview

DPDK Available since MOS Ussuri Update