Upgrade Tungsten Fabric to 2011

Available since MOS 21.5

This section describes how to upgrade Tungsten Fabric from version 5.1 to 2011.


Starting from MOS 21.6, Tungsten Fabric 5.1 is considered deprecated and will be declared unsupported in one of the upcoming releases.


  1. Verify that your OpenStack cloud is running on the latest MOS release. See Release Compatibility Matrix NEW for the release matrix and supported upgrade paths.

  2. Verify that your OpenStack cloud is running OpenStack Victoria. If upgrade is required, proceed with Upgrade OpenStack.

  3. Verify that running vRouter pods are up-to-date with the MOS release.

  4. Calculate the maintenance window for the Tungsten Fabric upgrade considering the following:

    • Upgrade requires pulling of new images. The amount of time required for this phase depends on quality of network connection to the Mirantis image registry, amount of workloads, and specification of the cluster nodes.

    • Upgrade includes the Tungsten Fabric control plane and data plane (vRouters) upgrade:

      • The control plane pods upgrade usually takes about 20 minutes.

      • The data plane may require workloads migration before the vRouter upgrade that causes network service interruption on the affected nodes. The pure vRouter upgrade takes 5-7 minutes in average.

  5. Back up the databases as described in Back up TF databases.

Perform the upgrade

  1. Open the TFOperator custom resource for editing.

  2. Set the tfVersion parameter to 2011:

        tfVersion: "2011"
  3. Verify that all tf-analytics-*, tf-config-*, and tf-control-* pods are updated. This may take some time.

    kubectl -n tf get ds

    The CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE, and AVAILABLE fields must have the same values.

  4. Upgrade the vRouter pods by removing them one by one manually.


    Manual removal is required because vRouter pods use the OnDelete update strategy. vRouter pod restart causes networking downtime for workloads on the affected node. If it is not applicable for some workloads, migrate them before restarting the vRouter pods.

    kubectl -n tf delete pod <VROUTER-POD-NAME>
  5. Verify that all tf-vrouter-* pods are upgraded:

    kubectl -n tf get ds | grep tf-vrouter

    The UP-TO-DATE and CURRENT fields must have the same values.

Verify the upgrade

Verify the consistency of the cloud after Tungsten Fabric upgrade through sanity tests using the Tempest service as described in Run Tempest tests.

Roll back the upgrade

If any failures occur after the upgrade, you can roll back your Tungsten Fabric cluster to version 5.1:

  1. In the tfVersion parameter of the TFOperator custom resource, specify 5.1:

        tfVersion: "5.1"

    The Tungsten Fabric control plane services will be rolled back to version 5.1.

  2. Roll back the vRouter pods manually as described in Perform the upgrade. The rollback procedure for the vRouter pods is the same as the upgrade one.