Enable MKE telemetry

You can set MKE to automatically record and transmit data to Mirantis through an encrypted channel for monitoring and analysis purposes. The data collected provides the Mirantis Customer Success Organization with information that helps us to better understand the operational use of MKE by our customers. It also provides key feedback in the form of product usage statistics, which enable our product teams to enhance Mirantis products and services.

Specifically, with MKE you can send hourly usage reports, as well as information on API and UI usage.


To send the telemetry, verify that dockerd and the MKE application container can resolve api.segment.io and create a TCP (HTTPS) connection on port 443.

To enable telemetry in MKE:

  1. Log in to the MKE web UI as an administrator.

  2. At the top of the navigation menu at the left, click the user name drop-down to display the available options.

  3. Click Admin Settings to display the available options.

  4. Click Usage to open the Usage Reporting screen.

  5. Toggle the Enable API and UI tracking slider to the right.

  6. (Optional) Enter a unique label to identify the cluster in the usage reporting.

  7. Click Save.