Troubleshoot the upgrade process

This topic describes common problems and errors that occur during the upgrade process and how to identify and resolve them.

To check for multiple conflicting upgrades:

The upgrade command automatically checks for multiple ucp-worker-agents, the existence of which can indicate that the cluster is still undergoing a prior manual upgrade. You must resolve the conflicting node labels before proceeding with the upgrade.

To resolve upgrade failures:

You can resolve upgrade failures on worker nodes by changing the node labels back to the previous version, but this is not supported on manager nodes.

To check Kubernetes errors:

For more information on anything that might have gone wrong during the upgrade process, check Kubernetes errors in node state messages after the upgrade is complete.

To check for additional errors:

  1. Check for the following error in your MKE dashboard:

    Awaiting healthy status in Kubernetes node inventory
    Kubelet is unhealthy: Kubelet stopped posting node status
  2. Check for the following error in the ucp-controller container log:

    http: proxy error: dial tcp connect: no route to host

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