Enable MKE audit logging

You can enable MKE audit logging using the MKE web user interface, the MKE API, and the MKE configuration file.

Enable MKE audit logging using the web UI

  1. Log in to the MKE web user interface.

  2. Click admin to open the navigation menu at the left.

  3. Click Admin Settings.

  4. Click Logs & Audit Logs to open the Logs & Audit Logs details pane.

  5. In the Configure Audit Log Level section, select the relevant logging level.

  6. Click Save.

Enable MKE audit logging using the API

  1. Download the MKE client bundle from the command line, as described in Download the client bundle.

  2. Retrieve the JSON file for current audit log configuration:

    export DOCKER_CERT_PATH=~/ucp-bundle-dir/
    curl --cert ${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}/cert.pem --key ${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}/key.pem --cacert ${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}/ca.pem -k -X GET https://ucp-domain/api/ucp/config/logging > auditlog.json
  3. In auditlog.json, edit the auditlevel field to metadata or request:

        "logLevel": "INFO",
        "auditLevel": "metadata",
        "supportDumpIncludeAuditLogs": false
  4. Send the JSON request for the audit logging configuration with the same API path, but using the PUT method:

    curl --cert ${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}/cert.pem --key
    ${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}/key.pem --cacert ${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}/ca.pem -k -H
    "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT --data $(cat auditlog.json)

Enable MKE audit logging using the configuration file

You can enable MKE audit logging using the MKE configuration file before or after MKE installation.

The section of the MKE configuration file that controls MKE auditing logging is [audit_log_configuration]:

  level = "metadata"
  support_dump_include_audit_logs = false

The level setting supports the following variables:

  • ""

  • "metadata"

  • "request"


The support_dump_include_audit_logs flag specifies whether user identification information from the ucp-controller container logs is included in the support bundle. To prevent this information from being sent with the support bundle, verify that support_dump_include_audit_logs is set to false. When disabled, the support bundle collection tool filters out any lines from the ucp-controller container logs that contain the substring auditID.