Set user session properties

MKE enables the setting of various user sessions properties, such as session timeout and the permitted number of concurrent sessions.

To configure MKE login session properties:

  1. Log in to the MKE web UI.

  2. In the left-side navigation menu, click the user name drop-down to display the available options.

  3. Click Admin Settings > Authentication & Authorization to reveal the MKE login session controls.

The following table offers information on the MKE login session controls:



Lifetime Minutes

The set duration of a login session in minutes, starting from the moment MKE generates the session. MKE invalidates the active session once this period expires and the user must re-authenticate to establish a new session.

  • Default: 60

  • Minimum: 10

Renewal Threshold Minutes

The time increment in minutes by which MKE extends an active session prior to session expiration. MKE extends the session by the amount specified in Lifetime Minutes. The threshold value cannot be greater than that set in Lifetime Minutes.

To specify that sessions not be extended, set the threshold value to 0. Be aware, though, that this may cause MKE web UI users to be unexpectedly logged out.

  • Default: 20

  • Maximum: 5 minutes less than Lifetime Minutes

Per User Limit

The maximum number of sessions a user can have running simultaneously. If the creation of a new session results in the exceeding of this limit, MKE will delete the session least recently put to use. Specifically, every time you use a session token, the server marks it with the current time (lastUsed metadata). When you create a new session exceeds the per-user limit, the session with the oldest lastUsed time is deleted, which is not necessarily the oldest session.

To disable the Per User Limit setting, set the value to 0.

  • Default: 10

  • Minimum: 1 / Maximum: No limit