Group and isolate cluster resources

This topic describes how to group and isolate cluster resources into swarm collections and Kubernetes namespaces.

Log in to the MKE web UI as an administrator and complete the following steps:

To create a Swarm collection:

  1. Navigate to Shared Resources > Collections.

  2. Click View Children next to Swarm.

  3. Click Create Collection.

  4. Enter a collection name and click Create.

To add a resource to the collection:

  1. Navigate to the resource you want to add to the collection. For example, click Shared Resources > Nodes and then click the node you want to add.

  2. Click the gear icon in the top right to edit the resource.

  3. Scroll down to Labels and enter the name of the collection you want to add the resource to, for example, Prod.

To create a Kubernetes namespace:

  1. Navigate to Kubernetes > Namespaces and click Create.

  2. Leave the Namespace drop-down blank.

  3. Paste the following in the Object YAML editor:

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Namespace
      name: namespace-name
  4. Click Create.


For more information on assigning resources to a particular namespace, refer to Kubernetes Documentation: Namespaces Walkthrough.

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