Use Istio Ingress for Kubernetes


For MKE ingress routing purposes, Mirantis is deprecating Istio Ingress for future versions and transitioning to the NGINX Ingress Controller (ingress-nginx).

Istio Ingress for Kubernetes provides abstractions over Kubernetes, facilitating the development of distributed microservice networks. This feature does not include the Istio service mesh but assists with the monitoring, routing, and managing of requests entering the microservice network from outside the cluster.

With this feature enabled, you can expose apps and containers that run inside your Kubernetes cluster to the outside world. You can route incoming requests using host name, URL, header, and other characteristics to dictate which service receives the request. You can enable and disable Istio Ingress using either the MKE web UI or the MKE CLI.

This topic describes how to configure Istio Ingress on Kubernetes clusters. Both administrators and regular users can use Istio Ingress, but configuration requires administrator privileges.