OpenStack known issues

This section lists the OpenStack known issues with workarounds for the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes release 23.2.

[25124] MPLSoGRE encapsulation has limited throughput

Multiprotocol Label Switching over Generic Routing Encapsulation (MPLSoGRE) provides limited throughput while sending data between VMs up to 38 Mbps, as per Mirantis tests.

As a workaround, switch the encapsulation type to VXLAN in the OpenStackDeployment custom resource:

                mpls_over_gre: "False"
                vxlan_encap: "True"

[31186] The mariadb-server Pod does not recover after node reboot

After a node reboot, the mariadb-server Pod does not recover showing the Corrupt buffer header error in the logs of the MariaDB replicas. For example:

mariadb 2023-03-18 10:36:37,929 - OpenStack-Helm Mariadb - INFO - 2023-03-18 10:36:37 1 [ERROR] WSREP: Corrupt buffer header: addr: 0x7f7e7ffff518, seqno: 3185219421952815104, size: 859136813, ctx: 0x55eaf74eb298, flags: 11575. store: 49, type: 49


  1. Create a backup of the /var/lib/mysql directory on the mariadb-server Pod.

  2. Verify that other replicas are up and ready

  3. Remove content of the /var/lib/mysql directory on the mariadb-server Pod:

    kubectl -n openstack exec -ti mariadb-server-0 -c mariadb -- rm -rf /var/lib/mysql
  4. Remove the mariadb-server Pod:

    kubectl -n openstack delete pod mariadb-server-0

After Kubernetes restarts the Pod, the Pod clones the database in 1-2 minutes and restores the quorum.

[34897] Machines are not available after Victoria to Wallaby update

Fixed in 23.3

After update of OpenStack from Victoria to Wallaby, the machines from nodes with DPDK become unavailable.


  1. Search for the nodes with the OVS ports:

    for i in $(kubectl -n openstack get pods |grep openvswitch-vswitchd | awk '{print $1}'); do kubectl -n openstack exec -it -c openvswitch-vswitchd $i -- ovs-vsctl show |grep -q "tag: 4095" && echo $i; done
  2. Restart the neutron-ovs-agent agent on the affected nodes.