OpenStack known issues and limitations


Due to limitations in the Octavia and MOS integration, the clusters where Neutron is deployed in the Distributed Virtual Router (DVR) mode are not stable. Therefore, Mirantis does not recommend such configuration for production deployments.

[6912] Octavia load balancers may not work properly with DVR


When Neutron is deployed in the DVR mode, Octavia load balancers may not work correctly. The symptoms include both failure to properly balance traffic and failure to perform an amphora failover. For details, see DVR incompatibility with ARP announcements and VRRP.

[8573] External authentication to Horizon fails to log in a different user

Target fix version: next MOS update

Horizon retains the user’s credentials following their initial login using External Authentication Service, and does not allow to log in with another user credentials.


  1. Clear cookies in your browser.

  2. Select External Authentication Service on the Horizon login page.

  3. Click Sign In. The Keycloak login page opens.

    If the following error occurs, refresh the page and try again:

    CSRF token missing or incorrect. Cookies may be turned off.
    Make sure cookies are enabled and try again.