StackLight known issues

This section lists the StackLight known issues with workarounds for the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes MOSK release 23.3.

[36211] Deprecated dashboards are displayed in Grafana

Fixed in 24.1

The deprecated dashboards NGINX Ingress controller and Ceph Nodes, which may expose inaccurate information, are displayed in Grafana.

These dashboards will be removed in the following MOSK release. Therefore, Mirantis recommends switching to the following dashboards in this release:

  • OpenStack Ingress controller instead of NGINX Ingress controller

  • For Ceph:

    • Ceph Cluster dashboard for Ceph stats

    • System dashboard for resource utilization, which includes filtering by Ceph node labels, such as ceph_role_osd, ceph_role_mon, and ceph_role_mgr