New features

OpenStack Caracal


Implemented the technical preview support for OpenStack Caracal for greenfield deployments.

To start experimenting with the new functionality, set openstack_version to caracal in the OpenStackDeployment custom resource during the cloud deployment.

Open Virtual Networking


Implemented the technical preview support for Open Virtual Networking as a networking backend for OpenStack.

OpenStackDeploymentSecret custom resource removal

Completely removed the OpenStackDeploymentSecret custom resource, which was previously used to aggregate cloud confidential settings.

Sensitive information within the OpenStackDeployment object can be hidden using the value_from directive. This enhancement was introduced in MOSK 23.1 and allows for better management of confidential data without the need for a separate custom resource.

Raw images for storage backends

Implemented the possibility to specify the raw option for the image storage backend through the spec.features section of the OpenStackDeployment custom resource.

Network port availability monitoring (Portprober)


Added support for the network port availability monitoring service (Portprober). The service is implemented as an extension to the OpenStack Neutron service and gets enabled automatically together with the floating IP address availability monitoring service (Cloudprober). Portprober is available for the MOSK clusters running OpenStack Antelope or newer version and using the Neutron OVS backend for networking.

Dynamic Resource Balancer (DRB) service


Implemented the technical preview support for Dynamic Resource Balancer (DRB) service that enables cloud operators to continuously ensure optimal placement of their workloads.

Tungsten Fabric Operator API v2

Introduced full support for Tungsten Fabric Operator API v2. All greenfield deployments now deploy v2 by default. After updating, all existing deployments include the ability to convert existing v1alpha1 TFOperator to v2.

This new API version aligns with the OpenStack Controller API and provides better interface for advanced configurations. The configuration documentation for Tungsten Fabric provides configuration examples for both API v1alpha1 and API v2.

SR-IOV Spoof Check control for Tungsten Fabric


Implemented the capability to disable spoof checking on the SR-IOV enabled ports of some virtual network functions. This enhancement streamlines the control over SR-IOV spoof check within Tungsten Fabric, offering cloud operators a more seamless experience.

CQL to connect with Cassandra clusters

Enhanced the connectivity between the Tungsten Fabric services and Cassandra database clusters through the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) protocol.

Availability zones for Tungsten Fabric

Implemented the capability to specify the target nodes for hosting Tungsten Fabric SNAT and load balancer namespaces. This feature helps preserve resources on compute nodes running highly sensitive workloads.

Ceph Reef

Upgraded Ceph major version from Quincy 17.2.7 to Reef 18.2.3 with an automatic upgrade of Ceph components during the Cluster version update.

Ceph Reef delivers new version of RocksDB which provides better IO performance. Also, this version supports RGW multisite re-sharding and contains overall security improvements.

Other component version updates


  • Major update: FRR 9.0.2

  • Minor update:

    • RabbitMQ 3.12.12

    • Ingress 1.10.1

    • Descheduler 0.29.0

    • PowerDNS 4.8.4

  • Patch update:

    • Galera 26.4.16

    • MariaDB 10.6.17

Tungsten Fabric

  • Patch update: Cassandra 3.11.17