Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the MOSK 23.1.4 release:

  • [27031] Fixed the removal of objects marked as Deleted from the Barbican database during the database cleanup.

  • [30224] Decreased the default weight for build_failure_weight_multiplier to 2 to normalize instance spreading across compute nodes.

  • [30673] Fixed the issue with duplicate tasks responses from the ironic-python agent on the ironic-conductor side.

  • [30888] Adjusted the caching time for PowerDNS to fit Designate timeouts.

  • [31021] Fixed the race in openstack-controller that could lead to setting the default user names and passwords in configuration files during initial deployment.

  • [31358] Configured the warning message about the world readable directory with fernet keys to be logged only once during the startup.

  • [31711] Started to pass the autogenerated memcache_secret_key to avoid its regeneration every time the Manila Helm chart gets updated.