Update notes

This section describes the specific actions you as a Cloud Operator need to complete to accurately plan and successfully perform your Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) cluster update to the version 23.3. Consider this information as a supplement to the generic update procedure published in Operations Guide: Update a MOSK cluster.


The MOSK cluster will obtain the newly implemented capabilities automatically with no significant impact on the update procedure.

Major component versions update

As part of the update to MOSK 23.3, the following automatic updates of major component versions will take place:

  • MKE 3.6 with Kubernetes 1.24 to MKE 3.7 with Kubernetes 1.27

  • Open vSwitch 2.13 to 2.17

Update impact and maintenance windows planning

The update to MOSK 23.3 does not include any version-specific impact on the cluster.

To properly plan the update maintenance window, use the following documentation:

Known issues during the update

Before updating the cluster, be sure to review the potential issues that may arise during the process and the recommended solutions to address them, as outlined in Update known issues.

Specifically, apply the workaround for the [37545] Cloud public API becomes inaccessible during update known issue.

Pre-update actions

Upgrade Ubuntu to 20.04

In the 23.3 release series, MOSK stops supporting Ubuntu 18.04. Therefore, upgrade the operating system on your cluster machines to Ubuntu 20.04 before you update to MOSK 23.3. Otherwise, the Cluster release update for the cluster running on Ubuntu 18.04 becomes impossible.

It is not mandatory to upgrade all machines at once. You can upgrade them one by one or in small batches, for example, if the maintenance window is limited in time.

For details on distribution upgrade, see Mirantis Container Cloud documentation: Upgrade an operating system distribution.


Make sure to manually reboot machines after the distribution upgrade before updating MOSK to 23.3.

Upgrade OpenStack to Yoga

MOSK supports the OpenStack Victoria version until September, 2023. MOSK 23.2 was the last release version where OpenStack Victoria packages were updated.

If you have not already upgraded your OpenStack version to Yoga, perform the upgrade before cluster update.

Disable the Instance High Availability service

While updating your cluster, the Instance High Availability service (OpenStack Masakari) may not work as expected. Therefore, temporarily disable the service by removing instance-ha from the service list in the OpenStackDeployment custom resource.

Ensure running one etcd pod per OpenStack controller node

During the update, you may encounter the issue that causes a failure of the etcd pods due to the simultaneous deployment of several pods on a single node.

Therefore, before starting the update, ensure that each OpenStack controller node runs only one etcd pod.

Post-update actions

No specific actions are needed to finalize the cluster update.