Known issues

This section describes the patch-related known issues with available workarounds.

OpenStack upgrade failure

Fixed in MOSK 23.1.3

The OpenStack upgrade to Yoga fails due to the delay in the Cinder start.


  1. Follow the openstack-controller logs from the OpenStackDeployment container. When the controller is stuck on checking health for any OpenStack component, verify the Helm releases statuses:

    helm3 --namespace openstack list

    Example of a system response:

    NAME                     NAMESPACE       REVISION        UPDATED                                 STATUS          CHART
    openstack-cinder         openstack       111             2023-04-30 20:49:08.969450386 +0000 UTC failed          cinder-0.1.0-mcp-4241
  2. If there is a release in the failed state, roll it back:

    helm3 --namespace openstack rollback openstack-cinder