New features

Periodic automatic cleanup of OpenStack databases

Implemented an automatic cleanup of deleted entries from the databases of OpenStack services. By default, the deleted rows older than 30 days are sanely and safely purged from the Barbican, Cinder, Glance, Heat, Masakari, and Nova databases for all relevant tables.

Image signature verification


Implemented the capability to perform image signature verification when booting an OpenStack instance, uploading a Glance image with signature metadata fields set, and creating a volume from an image.

Vault connectivity configuration


Implemented the ability to set the kv_mountpoint and namespace in spec:features:barbican to specify the mountpoint of a Key-Value store and the Vault namespace to be used for all requests to Vault respectively.

Validation of the TFOperator custom resource

Implemented the capability for the Tungsten Fabric Operator to use ValidatingAdmissionWebhook to validate environment variables set to Tungsten Fabric components upon the TFOperator object creation or update.

Tungsten Fabric 2011 as the default version

Tungsten Fabric 2011 is now set as the default version for deployment.

Tungsten Fabric 5.1 is considered deprecated and will be declared unsupported in one of the upcoming releases. Therefore, Mirantis highly recommends upgrading from Tungsten Fabric 5.1 to 2011.

Multi-rack architecture with Tungsten Fabric


Implemented the capability to deploy a MOS with Tungsten Fabric cluster with a multi-rack architecture to allow for native integration with the Layer 3-centric networking topologies.

Improvements to StackLight alerting

Implemented the following improvements to StackLight alerting:

  • Implemented per-service *TargetDown and *TargetsOutage alerts that raise if one or all Prometheus targets are down.

  • Enhanced the alert inhibition rules to reduce alert flooding.