New features

Parallel node update


Implemented the capability to parallelize OpenStack, Ceph, and Tungsten Fabric node update operations, significantly improving the efficiency of MOSK deployments. The parallel node update feature applies to any operation that utilizes the Node Maintenance API, such as cluster updates or graceful node reboots.

Automatic cleanup of OpenStack metadata during node removal

Implemented the automatic removal of OpenStack-related metadata during the graceful machine deletion.

Workload monitoring


Implemented the OpenStack workload monitoring feature through the Cloudprober exporter.

After enablement and proper configuration, the exporter allows for monitoring the availability of instance floating IP addresses per OpenStack compute node and project, as well as viewing the probe statistics for individual instance floating IP addresses through the Openstack Instances Availability dashboard in Grafana.

BGP dynamic routing


Introduced the Technology Preview support for the BGP dynamic routing extension to the Networking service (OpenStack Neutron) that will be particularly useful for the MOSK clouds where private networks managed by cloud users need to be transparently integrated into the networking of the data center.

Encryption of exposable OpenStack notification endpoint

Implemented the encryption of the exposed message bus (RabbitMQ) endpoint for secure connection.

Secure live migration of OpenStack instances

Implemented the TLS encryption feature for QEMU and libvirt to secure all data transports during live migration, including disks not on shared storage.

Tungsten Fabric graceful restart and long-lived graceful restart

Available since MOSK 23.2 for Tungsten Fabric 21.4 only TechPreview

Added support for graceful restart and long-lived graceful restart allowing for a more efficient and robust routing experience for Tungsten Fabric. These features enhance the speed at which routing tables converge, specifically when dealing with BGP router restarts or failures.

External storage for Tungsten Fabric


Implemented Technology Preview support for configuring a remote NFS storage for Tungsten Fabric data backup and restoration.

MKE 3.6 support

Introduced support for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) 3.6 with Kubernetes 1.24. MOSK clusters are updated to the latest supported MKE version during the cluster update.

Keycloak Quarkus

Upgraded Keycloak major version from 18.0.0 to 21.1.1 during the Cluster version update.

Ceph Quincy

Upgraded Ceph major version from Pacific to Quincy with an automatic upgrade of Ceph components during the Cluster version update.

Cephless cloud architecture


Implemented the capability to configure a MOSK cluster without Ceph and, for example, rely on external storage appliances to host their data instead.

Support for WireGuard


Added initial Technology Preview support for WireGuard that enables traffic encryption on the Kubernetes workloads network.

Custom host names for cluster machines


Added initial Technology Preview support for custom host names of cluster machines. When enabled, any machine host name in a particular region matches the related Machine object name.

Support for auditd


Added initial Technology Preview support for the Linux Audit daemon auditd to monitor activity of cluster processes that allow for detection of potential malicious activity.

Workload onboarding tutorial

Added a tutorial to help you build your first cloud application and onboard it to a MOSK cloud. It will guide you through the process of deploying a simple application using the cloud web UI (OpenStack Horizon).