Update notes

Expected impact

The following table provides details on the impact of a MOSK cluster update to a patch release within the 24.1 series.


For the detailed workflow of update to a patch release, refer to Update to a patch version.

Expected update impact

Updated component

Impact on cloud users

Impact on cloud workloads

OpenStack and Tungsten Fabric

  • ~1% of read operations on cloud API resources may fail

  • ~8% of create and update operations on cloud API resources may fail

Open vSwitch networking - interruption of North-South connectivity, depending on the type of virtual routers used by a workload:

  • Distributed (DVR) routers - no interruption

  • Non-distributed routers, High Availability (HA) mode - interruption up to 1 minute, usually less than 5 seconds 0

  • Non-distributed routers, non-HA mode - interruption up to 10 minutes 0

Tungsten Fabric networking - no impact


~1% of read operations on object storage API may fail

IO performance degradation for Ceph-backed virtual storage devices

Host OS components

No impact

No impact


You can bypass updating components of the cloud data plane to avoid the network downtime during Update to a patch version. By using this technique, you accept the risk that some security fixes may not be applied.