New features

OpenStackDeploymentStatus custom resource

Implemented a machine-readable status for OpenStack deployments. Now, you can use the OpenStackDeploymentStatus (OsDplSt) custom resource as a single data structure that describes the OpenStackDeployment (OsDpl) status at a particular moment.

Cinder volume encryption


Implemented the capability to enable Cinder volume encryption through the OpenStackDeployment CR using Barbican that will store the encryption keys and Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) that will create encrypted Cinder volumes including bootable ones. If an encrypted volume is bootable, Nova will get a symmetric encryption key from Barbican.

Tungsten Fabric 2011 LTS

Implemented full support for Tungsten Fabric 2011. Though, Tungsten Fabric 5.1 is deployed by default in MOS 21.5, you can use the tfVersion parameter to define the 2011 version for deployment.

Tungsten Fabric multiple workers of Contrail API


Implemented support for multiple workers of the contrail-api in Tungsten Fabric. Starting from the MOS 21.5 release, six workers of the contrail-api service are used by default. In the previous MOS releases, only one worker of this service was used.

Short names for Kubernetes nodes in Grafana dashboards

Enhanced the Grafana dashboards to display user-friendly short names for Kubernetes nodes, for example, master-0, instead of long name labels such as kaas-node-f736fc1c-3baa-11eb-8262-0242ac110002. This feature provides for consistency with Kubernetes nodes naming in the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI.

All Grafana dashboards that present node data now have an additional Node identifier drop-down menu. By default, it is set to machine to display short names for Kubernetes nodes. To display Kubernetes node name labels as previously, change this option to node.

Improvements to StackLight alerting

Implemented the following improvements to StackLight alerting:

  • Added the OpenstackServiceInternalApiOutage and OpenstackServicePublicApiOutage alerts that raise in case of an OpenStack service internal or public API outage.

  • Enhanced the alert inhibition rules.

  • Reworked a number of alerts to improve alerting efficiency and reduce alert flooding.

  • Removed the inefficient OpenstackServiceApiDown and OpenstackServiceApiOutage alerts.

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StackLight alerts

MOS release compatibility matrix

Published MOS Release Compatibility Matrix that describes the cloud configurations that have been supported by the product over the course of its lifetime and the path a MOS cloud can take to move from an older configuration to a newer one.

OpenStack and Tungsten Fabric upgrade procedures

Published the OpenStack Ussuri to Victoria upgrade procedure and Tungsten Fabric 5.1 to 2011 upgrade procedure that instruct cloud operators on how to prepare for the upgrade, use the MOS life cycle management API to perform the upgrade, and verify the cloud operability after the upgrade.