Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the MOSK 24.1 release:

  • [OpenStack] [Antelope] [37678] Resolved the issue that prevented instance live-migration due to CPU incompatibility.

  • [OpenStack] [38629] Optimized resource allocation to enable designate-api to scale up its operation.

  • [OpenStack] [38792] Resolved the issue that prevented MOSK from creating instances and volumes from images stored in Pure Storage.

  • [OpenStack] [39069] Resolved the issue that caused the logging of false alerts about 401 responses from OpenStack endpoints.

  • [StackLight] [36211] Resolved the issue that caused the deprecated dashboards NGINX Ingress controller and Ceph Nodes to be displayed in Grafana. These dashboards are now removed. Therefore, Mirantis recommends switching to the following dashboards:

    • OpenStack Ingress controller instead of NGINX Ingress controller

    • For Ceph:

      • Ceph Cluster dashboard for Ceph stats

      • System dashboard for resource utilization, which includes filtering by Ceph node labels, such as ceph_role_osd, ceph_role_mon, and ceph_role_mgr