New features

Cache and proxy support

Implemented the cache and proxy support for MOS managed clusters. By default, during a MOS cluster deployment and update the Mirantis artifacts are downloaded through a cache running on a management or regional cluster. If you have an external application that requires Internet access, you can now use proxy with required parameters specified for that application.

Instances High Availability service


Implemented the capability to enable Masakari, the OpenStack service that ensures high availability of instances running on a host. The feature is disabled by default.

LVM ephemeral storage


Implemented the capability to configure LVM as a back end for the VM disks and ephemeral storage and configure ephemeral disk encryption.

SR-IOV for Tungsten Fabric vRouter


Implemented the capability to enable SR-IOV for the Tungsten Fabric vRouter.

Custom Tungsten Fabric vRouter settings


Implemented the capability to specify custom settings for the Tungsten Fabric vRouter nodes using the customSpecs parameter, such as to change the name of the tunnel network interface or enable debug level logging.

cephClusterSpec section in KaasCephCluster

Improved user experience by moving the rgw.ingress parameters of the KaasCephCluster CR to a common cephClusterSpec.ingress section. The rgw section is deprecated. However, if you continue using rgw.ingress, it will be automatically translated into cephClusterSpec.ingress during the MOS cluster release update.