Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes 21.4 release:

  • [13273][OpenStack] Fixed the issue with Octavia amphora getting stuck after the MOS cluster update.

  • [16849][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing inability to delete a load balancer with a number higher than the maximum limit in API.

  • [16180][Tungsten Fabric] Fixed the issue with inability to schedule vRouter DPDK on a node with DPDK and 1 GB huge pages enabled. Enhanced Tungsten Fabric Operator to support 1 GB huge pages for a DPDK-based vRouter.

  • [16033][Ceph] Fixed the issue with inability to access RADOS Gateway through using S3 authentication. Added rgw s3 auth use keystone = true to the default RADOS Gateway options.

  • [16604][StackLight] To avoid issues with defunct processes on the OpenStack controller nodes, temporarily disabled instances downtime monitoring and removed the KPI - Downtime Grafana dashboard.