24.1 series

Major and patch versions update path

The primary distinction between major and patch product versions lies in the fact that major release versions introduce new functionalities, whereas patch release versions predominantly offer minor product enhancements, mostly CVE resolutions for your clusters.

Depending on the needs of your deployment, you can either update between only major releases, or update between the major releases receiving the patch updates in between. Choose the second option, which includes patch updates, only if you want to receive security fixes as soon as they become available and you are prepared to update your cluster often, approximately once in three weeks.

You can delve deeper into the product updates by referring to our FAQ section. The list of questions it addresses includes, but is not limited to the following:

MOSK 24.1 17.1.0+24.1 current major

  • Pre-update inspection of pinned product artifacts in a Cluster object

  • OpenStack Antelope

  • Technical preview for SPICE remote console

  • Technical preview for Windows guests

  • Technical preview for GPU virtualization

  • Deterministic Open vSwitch restarts

  • Orchestration of stateful applications rescheduling

  • Technical preview for CQL to connect with Cassandra clusters

  • Technical preview for Tungsten Fabric Operator API v2

  • Tungsten Fabric analytics services unsupported

  • Monitoring of OpenStack credential rotation dates

  • Removal of the StackLight telegraf-openstack plugin

  • Restrictive network policies

MOSK 24.1.2 17.1.2+24.1.2 current patch
  • Support for MKE 3.7.6

  • Update of minor kernel version from 5.15.0-97-generic to 5.15.0-101-generic

  • Security fixes for CVEs in images

  • Resolved product issues

MOSK 24.1.1 17.1.1+24.1.1
  • Delivery mechanism for CVE fixes on Ubuntu that includes update of Ubuntu kernel minor version

  • Updated kernel

  • Security fixes for critical and high CVEs in images, and resolved product issues