Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes 21.6 release:

  • [16452][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing failure to update the Octavia policy after policies removal from the OsDpl CR. The issue affected OpenStack Victoria.

  • [16103][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing Glance client to return the HTTPInternalServerError while operating with volume when Glance was configured with the Cinder backend TechPreview.

  • [17321][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing RPC errors in the logs of the designate-central pods during liveness probes.

  • [17927][OpenStack] Fixed the issue causing inability to delete volume backups created from encrypted volumes.

  • [18029][OpenStack] Fixed the issue with live migration of instances with SR-IOV macvtap ports occasionally requiring the same virtual functions (VF) number to be free on the destination compute nodes.

  • [18744][OpenStack] Fixed the issue with the application_credential authentication method being disabled in Keystone in case of an enabled Keycloak integration.

  • [17246][StackLight] Deprecated the redundant openstack.externalFQDN (string) parameter and added the new externalFQDNs.enabled (bool) parameter.