Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the MOSK 23.1 release:

  • [OpenStack] [30450] Fixed the issue causing high CPU load of MariaDB.

  • [OpenStack] [29501] Fixed the issue when Cinder periodic database cleanup resets the state of volumes.

  • [OpenStack] [27168] Fixed the issue that made openvswitch-openvswitch-vswitchd-default and neutron-ovs-agent-default pods stuck in the NotReady status after restart.

  • [OpenStack] [29539] Fixed the issue with missing network traffic for a trunked port in OpenStack Yoga.

  • [TF] [10096] Fixed the issue that prevented tf-control from refreshing IP addresses of Cassandra pods.

  • [TF] [28728] Fixed the issue when tungstenFabricMonitoring.enabled was not enabled by default during Tungsten Fabric deployment.

  • [TF] [30449] Fixed the issue that resulted in losing connectivity after the primary TF Controller node reboot.

  • [Ceph] [28142] Added the ability to specify node affinity for rook-discover pods through the ceph-operator Helm release.

  • [Ceph] [26820] Fixed the issue when the status section in the KaaSCephCluster.status custom resource did not reflect issues during the process of a Ceph cluster deletion.

  • [StackLight] [28372] Fixed the issue causing false-positive liveness probe failures for fluentd-notifications.

  • [StackLight] [29330] Fixed the issue that prevented tf-rabbitmq from being monitored.

  • [Updates] [29438] Fixed the issue that caused the cluster update being stuck during the Tungsten Fabric Operator update.