Restore the data extract

To restore a transformed data extract into an MSR 3.0.x environment, run the following command on the target MSR 3.0.x system:

docker run \
--rm -it \
-v $HOME/.kube/config:/.kube/config \
-v <local-migration-directory>:/migration:Z \
-e KUBECONFIG='/.kube/config' \
--mount source=<MSR-3.x-persistent-volume-name>,target=/storage \$MMT_VERSION \
restore msr \
--storage-mode <inplace|copy> \
Command line parameters




Optional. Disables MMT metrics collection for the restore command. You must include the flag each time you run the command.

Example output:

Successfully restored metadata from:


The Kubernetes context for the MSR 3.0 system must be present in $HOME/.kube/config or it must be explicitly passed to MMT, using the following option:

-v /path/to/context/kube.yml:/.kube/config/kube.yml