Install MSR offline

To install MSR on an offline host, you must first use a separate computer with an Internet connection to download a single package with all the images and then copy that package to the host where you will install MSR. Once the package is on the host and loaded, you can install MSR offline as described in Install MSR online.

To install MSR offline:

  1. Download the required MSR package:


    MSR 2.9.2 is discontinued and thus not available for download.

  2. Copy the MSR package to the host machine:

    scp dtr.tar.gz <user>@<host>
  3. Use SSH to log in to the host where you transferred the package.

  4. Load the MSR images from the dtr.tar.gz file:

    docker load -i dtr.tar.gz
  5. Follow the instructions in Install MSR online.

  6. Optional. Disable outgoing connections in the MSR web UI Admin Settings. MSR makes outgoing connections for the following tasks:

    • Analytics reporting

    • New version notifications

    • Online license verification

    • Vulnerability scanning database updates