Create a repository

MSR requires that you create the image repository before pushing any images to the registry.

To create an image repository:

  1. Log in to the MSR web UI.

  2. In the left-side navigation panel, select Repositories.

  3. Click New repository.

  4. Select the required namespace and enter the name for your repository using only lowercase letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens.

  5. Select whether your repository is public or private:

    • Public repositories are visible to all users, but can only be modified by those with write permissions.

    • Private repositories are visible only to users with repository permissions.

  6. Optional. Click Show advanced settings:

    • Select On to make tags immutable, and thus unable to be overwritten.

    • Select On push to configure images to be scanned automatically when they are pushed to MSR. You will also be able to scan them manually.

  7. Click Create.


To enable tag pruning, refer to Set a tag limit. This feature requires that tag immutability is turned off at the repository level.

Image names in MSR

MSR image names must have the following characteristics:

  • The organization and repository names both must have fewer than 56 characters.

  • The complete image name, which includes the domain, organization, and repository name, must not exceed 255 characters.

  • When you tag your images for MSR, they must take the following form:


    For example,

Multi-architecture images

While it is possible to enable the just-in-time creation of multi-architecture image repositories when creating a repository using the API, Mirantis does not recommend using this option, as it will cause Docker Content Trust to fail along with other issues. To manage Docker image manifests and manifest lists, instead use the experimental command docker manifest.